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Praise Reports And Testimonies

If you have a testimony or praise report that you would like to share resulting from any help that you have found on this website, or you just want to share what God has done for you to encourage others in the faithfulness and goodness of our God, please feel free to do so.

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Hemanth Rao Kotha - Resides in India

Dear All, Praise the lord. I want to share my testimony with you all. Just to give you the back ground what i was under going since couple of weeks and my past. I was born in a christian family but staying away from god, doing all wrong things. Since few weeks i was completely depressed and i was not able to concentrate on my work or any other thing. Due to which my professional and personal life was getting disturbed. Health wise also i was not keeping well i was getting some or the other health problem daily and i was completed under fear and i was also addicted to alcohol. Since after this i started going to Church regularly and accepted Jesus as my only Savior. I started to see improvement in my health and also in my personal and professional life. And today i feel completely alright. Praise the lord. Kindly please pray for myself, My son and my Wife's health, future and hold Jesus Christ strongly through our lives. My Wife is about to deliver a baby in January please pray our family. Thanks a Ton to Jesus Christ for being with us in all times. Hemanth

Submitted on Monday 18th November 2013

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Aletta Makuku - Resides in Swaziland

Dear Pastor Isaac, Once again thank you. I am getting stronger and stronger by day and I want to let you know that what you are doing is not in vain and for those people who do not believe in deliverance, they are far from the truth of the realm of the spirit. I just want to tell people out there that the devil is real and God is real so whatever happens in the realm of the spirit is what manifests in the natural. I was also blessed this Sunday because my Pastor David spoke on child dedication and he gave an alter call. What I feel now is that all your prayers have opened the doors and God has begun to work all things for my restoration. I am so excited apart from the warfare. And in conclusion pastor Isaac I want you to know that we are seeds that will produce the fruits you are to enjoy in this land of the living. May God bless you. I am still fasting and this is my fifth day. More testimonies are coming. Sincerely Alletta

Submitted on Tuesday 25th May 2010

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Jabulile Thwala - Resides in Botswana

Dear Pastor Isaac, I greet you in the name of Jesus. I thank you for the deliverance prayers last year. My life has changed and never will be the same again. I thank you for building up my faith to know that the devil shall never prevail over my family and myself or any other thing concerning me. To God be the Glory! Blessed Regards Jabulile Thwala

Submitted on Tuesday 25th May 2010

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Julia Devereux - Resides in United Kingdom

Dear Pastor Isaac, Thanks, deliverance programme phase 1 went very well. I am now pain free and also received some divine provision from two sources during the 28 days. May God bless you and enable you to fulfil the ministry He has given you. Julie

Submitted on Wednesday 02nd March 2010

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Mike Fitzpatrick - Resides in Canada

I am shocked to report that ###### called me late last night and invited me over to talk. We talked for several hours and I think she saw the new me. She started to cry when she first saw me because her feelings for me began to come back. She said she was surprised by that. She listened to everything I had to say and I listened to her and was as understanding as I could be and showed her as much respect as I could. I do not know if this is God brining us back together but I hope so. She called me this morning to talk a bit more as well. I am trying not to get my hopes up but it is very hard not to. Blessings my friend, thank you for your continued prayers and support. Mike.

Submitted on Wednesday 20th January 2010

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Judith Newman - Resides in United Kingdom

Thank you so much for all your prayers, my life truly is a lot better now. Judith

Submitted on Tuesday 19th January 2010

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Tsibo Mayo - Resides in Zimbabwe

Dear Pastor Isaac, It's been long. I am doing well. I am happy to report that I have made tremendous progress. And honestly I am experiencing deliverance breakthroughs. The Lord is on my side. I must say it that it was not easy but as the word of God says in Zech. 4:6 It's not by might nor by power but by my Spirit says the Lord of Hosts. You know the people I am now staying with they could tell me everyday ( I normally have my prayers from 1:00 am may be to 2:00 or 3:00 am after that I sleep)they will say " we know you pray in tongues and we know your tongues but after prayers when you sleep, in your sleep you will continue to pray with total different Language we have ever heard. After praying my prayers a week ago that is around 1am. When I slept something like a snake came out of my body, I was sort of in a trance all of a sudden I saw a human being a man whom I do not even know sitting at the corner of my bed. I continued to attack. I tell you Pastor its hard but I see amazing results and revelations. Be blessed. Thank you so much. The grace of the God, the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit is too much. And I am gratefully for that. Thank you so much for everything.

Submitted on Monday 12th October 2009

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Frans Mofokeng - Resides in South Africa

Hi Pastor Isaac my name is Frans I faithfully prayed the first phase prayer program you have sent me and it worked wonderfully. I see no dead people anymore in my dreams nor spirit wife appearing anymore and I can say that I now do have sweet dreams. I once dreamed of seeing many people looked like they are disappointed in their faces and a voice said to me "this people need deliverance, restoration to get to their prosperity help them." After that voice I awoke from my sleep feeling a peace and the passion to help but I took a decision that I will only do that after I have finish all my prayer program. I am now ready for the phase two of the prayer program and if possible send also to me the prayer targets that will help me to born or release the ministry of Deliverance, and restoration to bring people to their prosperity that God want them to have. Yours in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior, Frans

Submitted on Friday 11th September 2009

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Ruth Ndlovu - Resides in South Africa

Hello pastor, the Lord is working wonders in my life .The third day I started the prayer programme I had a miracle .I have lived 3 years without going on my monthly period, for the first time in 3 yrs, I had my menstruation which was a normal non pain and just a few days .The last time I had it was 3 years ago, and it was 18 days full of pain and pain. The relatives are starting to ask me that, what am I doing, coz every time they try me, and they get burnt. Financial I'm still struggling but I have hope that, the God you introduced to me is so powerful .I got the saloon to work for and the owner is God fearing. There is a very big change in my life.

Submitted on Wednesday 09th September 2009

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K S - Resides in Anonymous

Dear Pastor Isaac, I hope you and your prayer team are well, I am writing this to inform you that I am back from my trip and I would like to share with you the wonders of God. Remember when I first contacted you I had multiple problems that I couldn't bear. If may list them: 1. spirit husbands- I used to be troubled by spirit husband now its in the past history 2. rejection - where ever I went I was rejected by people (co workers, relatives, supervisors, lecturers and even strangers) that is now in the past history I now live a different and happy life with people, even my relatives who appeared to hate me surprise me with phone calls and visitation, these are things I was not used to and due to that I lived a very withdrawn life, because i feared people.3. misfortune - some times people attacked me for wrongs that were done by other people and that is no longer happening 4. Financial oppression resulting in multiple debts - I got in to serious debts due to the crazy Illness that I had and other mishaps and several times I tried to approach banks for financial assistance and they all rejected without valid reasons, I tried my organization and all in vain -I had an undeveloped farm that I could develop due to financial crisis -I had a business plot that I couldn't develop because of financial crisis and it was due for repossession form the ministry of lands. -I had set a house foundation in 2007 and managed to take it to the window level but stopped there because of lack of finances. Now listen to the wonders of God that left me without words in the month of august 2009. One lady walks in to my office and invites me to her bank to apply for a loan and I told her that I am tired of applying for a loan I have been rejected several times by my own bank and I don't believe that they can consider my request because I am not banking with them. That was 2 days before I started my trip, the lady was so persuasive and I did apply for the loan, two days after submitting my application I received a message in my phone informing me that the loan has been approved, I couldn't believe it but then I asked myself why I was praying and I answered myself "this is the deliverance that I have been asking from God why should I have doubt" -Now the interesting thing is with all that money settled the hospital bills, I am now a debt free woman except for this single loan that I can manage with my salary. - I developed my 20 hectares farm with the intention of starting vegetable and fruit business to supply the local shops, and still on the farm issues some strange things happened, that I strongly believed that God truly wanted me to realize that he ahs won the battle for me. When you run a farm business where there is no river one is required to but a water tank of 10000 litters and the tanks are so expensive and I felt decided to postpone that step for the future, I was busy buying other things for the farm when one old lady noticed that she approached me and said "I am selling my a farm tank at a reasonable price, I tried to resist thinking that she is talking of worn out thing but to clear my doubts I went to see it and to my surprise it was still new and she offered me at P1800.00 I couldn't believe such a blessing because the price for that starts at P3500.00 - P5000.00, again still on the farm issue one man offered to clear the trees off my farm at P4500.00, I followed him several days until I gave up and when I got frustrated I knelt down and asked God to take control and guess what the following day one man came and offered to clear it at P1500.00 and I was so surprised at how God is handling my affairs. -I managed to develop the other business plot even though it is at still at an early stage, I intend to start a bed and breakfast in it, I am happy that with some little developments that I made it will no longer be repossessed. - The house that was stagnant in 2007 is now progressing; the wall structure is complete now and the roofing is due next week 5. Nightmares - since I started warfare prayers I stopped having nightmares. 6. Pending masters award - when other students documents were returned last year for correction mine did not come on time and I failed to graduate, I received it after graduation and had to wait for this year, I resubmitted and as usual other student documents were returned and I was told that mine is not there, I fasted and prayed seriously over the last two weeks and guess what three days ago I was called to collect my document and the examiner requested me to do minor edits and I will be set for graduation. 7. Unexplainable loss of funds for my CRA course- The money that sent in February 09 for CRA course sort of disappeared because the institute couldn't track it, lost hope and gave up but something told me that if I can include that as a special prayer during my warfare prayers God will hear me and indeed he heard me, I was supposed to have enrolled in February but I enrolled in June and completed in August as we speak I received my certificate yesterday as a qualified clinical research monitor. Pastor and fellow prayer warriors one night my whole conversation with you flooded my mind with all the things that I asked you to pry for and all the things that I have been praying for and I cried and endless cry not because I was hurt I was so thankful for the Lord has heard my prayer and I just remembered now easily God set my eyes on your website when I was simply looking for the topic of spirit husbands because a friend of mine talked about spirit husbands when I told her about my multiple problems. Isn't our God wonderful? The only problem that is still pending is that on my prospective husband whom I believe God is still handling I am aware that GOD's timing is not my timing and I will prayerfully be waiting and I believe you will continue praying for me. My 6th deliverance prayer is due on the 2nd and I am willing to continue I can't say I am stopping because all my problems have been solved.Thanks and GOD BLESS YOU ALL K

Submitted on Tuesday 01st September 2009

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