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General Enquiry

General Enquiry Form

For all enquiry and matters not related to deliverance prayer request, praise report and testimony please use the general enquiry form.

Please do not use this form to make enquiry about deliverance prayer request as you will get no reply. All enquiry regarding deliverance prayer request should be made with the appropriate contact form.

Thank you for your kind corporation.

Deliverance Prayer Request

Requesting deliverance outlines the simple requirement necessary to successfully submit a deliverance prayer request form. Use the deliverance prayer request form if you are a victim of ungodly spiritual powers, or have been subjected to spiritual attack and require help in overcoming.

Testimony and Praise Report

Use this testimony and praise report form if you have a testimony to share, or praise report to give demonstrative of God's goodness and faithfulness in your life and would like the world to know.

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