About Prayer Deliverance Ministries

Prayer Deliverance Ministries; established by the grace of God through seeking the LORD after many years of knowing His calling; it is and has been a tremendous blessing watching the will of God unfold as the ministry finally comes to life.

Isaac Eboji, Founder and Pastor of Prayer Deliverance Ministries invites you to spare a moment of your precious time to consider some of what we are about. If you are looking for a Christian fellowship and ministry with a purpose to regenerate our communities through spiritual renewal in Jesus Christ and spread the good news of God's Kingdom; then we would love to hear from you, so that we can share our vision and mission with you in person and fuller detail.

The influx of demonic strongholds are rendering, lives, churches and communities ineffective and unable to deal with their wicked imposition and onslaughts impoverishing communities with unmitigated atrocities of fatality, violence; spiritual affliction and oppression. Strategic prayers are even more important now than ever before as means through which to end the demonic assault on lives and communities.

The LORD Jesus Christ acknowledges spiritual powers of wickedness that exist in this world and their sphere of influence and control over human affairs and the world. These spiritual powers of wickedness are real and you may be suffering from them right now as a direct consequence of prior exposure and or invitation to demonic powers whether done ignorantly or not. The impact of such exposure or contact on a smaller scale can be felt subsequently in your sleep, dreams, mind, body and home to mention just a few. Freedom from their sphere of influence and control comes as your heart and mind is spiritually renewed in the life and power of Jesus Christ. Failure to confront these spiritual problems will perpetuate the mysterious problems of fatality, spiritual affliction, spiritual attack, oppression, possession and an eternity without God.

Prayer Deliverance Ministries is dedicated to seeking the revelation of God's glory and Kingdom in the lives of people like you. If you have ever been a victim of demonic attacks; spiritual hindrance, spiritual manipulation; curses, and wicked satanic covenants to mention just a few; then you will know that spiritual powers of darkness can be extremely stubborn and resistant to prayers lacking efficacy. Therefore, developing coping strategies intended for placating spiritual attacks will not deal with the problem; nor is trying to manage spiritual attacks going to make you free from it. Approaching spiritual attacks in the manner mentioned above only incentivizes powers of darkness to press on with their wicked works; while also enabling them to fortify their hold on their victims.

However, by developing your understanding of the Word of God in relation to spiritual attacks; instead of placating your spiritual aggressors, oppressors and tormentors; you can with certitude bring their wicked schemes to an end; against you and all that pertains to you.

The primary core and ongoing concern of this ministry is to propagate the gospel of the Kingdom of God; which will enable communities and the world at large to benefit from the freedom which only the LORD Jesus Christ can give; whilst knowing Him intimately as their LORD, personal Saviour and Deliverer. To achieve this we have one specific mandate and calling, which is to impart as well as equip all believers with the knowledge of Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare. This we believe will lead believers to become confident and effective witnesses of the Gospel; able to demonstrate and realise the power of the Gospel, whilst living daily in the victory already wrought and accomplished by The LORD Jesus Christ on the Cross. We are a new ministry situated in North-West London, of the United Kingdom. London has seen an increase of spiritual activities, and nowhere more than North-West which has become a portal for demonic activities and operations.

The effects of demonic activities and attacks on individuals are on the increase and sadly, many Christians are becoming victims of demonic attacks and oppression. Some through no fault of their own other than the family they come from have become victims of demons, while others in ignorance and quest for spiritual knowledge dabbled with the occult; have gained nothing but the oppressive reality of the demonic world. The pervasive nature of fear and its grip on communities and societies across the world is inextricably linked to the behind the scene activities of wicked spirit personalities, governing the kingdom of darkness.

In cheapening human life: the callousness by which violence is executed; the threat and counter-threat to communities the world over; the proliferation of immoral vices conflated into perpetuated disdain for the tenet of Scripture; are signs of communities and societies under spiritual climate of bondage, imposed by the god of this world. As long as the activities of Satan are allowed to progress in the minds and hearts of people unchallenged and unchecked; not only will the kingdom of darkness find outlets through which to propagates and consolidate its influence on communities and their victims; but in doing so, rendering their hearts and minds impervious to the Gospel of Christ.

It is for this reason that Prayer Deliverance Ministries was born: to advance the cause of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, to counter the activities and works of the wicked powers of darkness in the authority and power of Christ, to impose in the realm of the spirit the sanctified will of God thereby reversing wicked satanic impositions; thus making the spiritual climate conducive for spiritual undertaking and evangelism by demolishing spiritual blockade responsible for rendering hearts and minds impervious to the Gospel of the Kingdom of God; while administering deliverance from spiritual bondage through the sanctified power of The LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Prayer Deliverance Ministries want to see The LORD Jesus Christ exalted in the lives of those it comes into contact with in the hope and much expectation of yielding the fruit, life, love and goodness of God in their personal circumstances and deliverance needs. In essence this is the summary of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God: It is the transfer of one from the domain of darkness into the Light of the LORD Jesus Christ.