About Isaac Eboji

Pastor Isaac Eboji; comes from a polygamous family where the practice of ancestral worship, divination and employing the services of witchcraft for protection was pervasive and considered relatively normal. Whilst he personally did not seek out evil powers, he did however felt the effects, devastation, visible impact and influence it had on his family.

He has extensive experience of dealing with spiritual attacks and so empathise greatly with many who fall victim to the reach and tentacles of demonic and satanic powers. He was prone to spiritual attacks in his early and late teens, due to ignorance resulting from the fear and terror etched in his mind from predisposition to wicked manifestations attributed to the spirits of his ancestors and other traditional deities. Basically whenever there was a problem, help was sought from native or witchdoctors; consulting ancestral spirits, and where demanded ceremonial sacrifices would be offered to appease the wrath of traditional deities or gods believed to be the source behind the spiritual afflictions or problems.

However, by the grace and mercy of God he found himself miraculously preserved and kept away from some of the more potent ill-effects of spiritual attacks, without ever quite understanding the reason behind God's providence and protection of him. He came to realise much later in life after having surrendered to the LORDSHIP of Jesus Christ; the traditional deities and evil powers he once feared; actually venerated, respected and feared the LORD Jesus Christ. This actualisation was to later play significantly in his development, formation, knowledge and understanding of deliverance and spiritual warfare from the Biblical perspective; and subsequently prepared and equipped him to be victorious in Christ; no longer fearful of the many works of Satan.

As a teenager his life spiralled out of control. The consequence of which lead him down a path of crime as he battled hopelessly to bring order into the chaos in his life. He was convicted and spent nearly two years in a young offenders institution and whilst there reflected on his troubled life. He needed help to change as the alternative was not an option he wanted to consider. This sense of desperation and urgency triggered within him a determination to truly seek the LORD in the hope of realising a permanent change in his life that was for the good. To accomplish this he committed himself to intensely reading, studying, contemplating and meditating on the Word of God the Holy Bible. He found a love, grasp and understanding for the Gospel and felt something imminent was going to happen to him. One late night in the summer of 1991, while on his knees repenting for his sins and praying in the confines of his cell after a period of contemplating on Exodus 33:12 - 21 and meditating on the greatness of God; an irresistible thought pierced into his mind; empowering him with the confidence and faith to ask God to reveal Himself. Instinctively without doubting or hesitating he complied, and this lead to a dramatic encounter with God; an experience that left indelible impression on him and subsequently changed the course of his life and destiny forever.

He was sent to the young offenders institution rightly so as just punishment for his crimes; and for the purposes of rehabilitation, but was met with grace of the LORD Jesus Christ who delivered him from darkness and brought him into the light of the Living God. He has never been proud of his criminal past or indeed the harm inflicted on many of his victims. He has where necessary and given the opportunity sought to make amends and unreservedly apologised to those affected by his past.

As a servant of God he passionately believes in the integrity of His Word. He knows God to be an ever present help in times of trouble evidenced in his own testimony, experience of God's compassion and unfailing love. The love, goodness, greatness, excellent might and power of the LORD God Almighty is his main motivation in helping people obtain deliverance from spiritual bondage and enterprises of the Devil. His Christ-Centred approach to deliverance and ministry stems from His understanding of Scripture that the LORD Jesus must reign until all His enemies are brought under His feet. He seeks to embed this ethos into the minds and hearts of victims of spiritual attack and satanic enterprises; and acquits them with the godly foundation necessary in rebuilding their lives with renewed impetus for spiritual growth and a love for God, His Word and ways; whilst also averting the dangers and likelihood of self-induced spiritual attacks.

He believes passionately that one of the best ways to appreciate deliverance is not so much in having people minister directly to the spiritually afflicted although that has its benefits; but the greater benefit is in the spiritually afflicted acquiring the knowledge in order to witness the tangible proof of Christ’s victory over the Devil, his cohorts of darkness; enterprises and kingdom.

Pastor Isaac obtained honours degree in electronic communications engineering and a postgraduate degree in satellite and mobile communications. He worked as a Radio Frequency (RF) Design Engineer in research and development for a Satellite and microwave communications company . He was aiming to progress further in his career as a graduate engineer but the LORD intervened and reminded him of the need to answer the call to the ministry.

He first received his calling to serve God in the ministry whilst imprisoned in a young offenders institution in the autumn or fall of 1991. Upon his release he joined Immanuel Baptist fellowship in spring of 1992 where he spent many years serving in various capacities; chiefly as a deacon, house group leader, worship leader and participated in many evangelistic and outreach events. Toward the latter part of his tenure he answered the call to pastor one of the congregation of Immanuel Baptist Fellowship and obtained a diploma in Christian ministry. He left Immanuel Baptist Fellowship late 2006 to pursue call to deliverance ministry. In autumn or fall of 2007 Prayer Deliverance Ministries was born by the faithful and goodness of God’s grace.

16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

Romans 1:16 (King James Version)

Isaac is married to Kelli and both are blessed with a lovely daughter and son. He feels very blessed to be sharing the calling with his wife. Together they want to spread the good news pertaining to Jesus Christ and God’s Kingdom, and help harvest a desire for faith that draws on God’s goodness to intervene in peoples’ personal circumstances and set them free.