Online Giving

Online Giving

Dear friends and fellow believers in the LORD Jesus Christ,

Prayer Deliverance Ministries has and continues to meet the spiritual needs of so many people rendered victims of spiritual afflictions. We are able to do this expressly because of the gift and power of God given freely to the body of Christ. In response to such outpouring of grace, we do not charge a fee for the ministry of deliverance we provide, and in any case, we do not believe it is ever right to charge a fee for the power of God at work.

We ask you therefore to support us by making a donation of your own free will in accordance with the Scripture. Your giving helps meet our operational cost as we advance the Gospel and benefits of God's Kingdom in bringing to deliverance to bear on the enterprises of Satan on those ravaged by his wicked attrocities.

One of our long term vision is to establish a centre of excellence for learning and developing deliverance insight that is both Christ centered and Biblical. Your giving in the long term will help us bring that vision to a closer reality.

As you givie to this ministry so may God visit you with kindness and divine favour in Jesus' name.

To God be the all the glory! Amen and Amen!!

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